Panel I

Ms. Mary Kicza, Assistant Administrator, National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service, NOAA
Truth in Testimony

Dr. Alexander MacDonald, Deputy Assistant Administrator for Research Laboratories and Cooperative Institutes, Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research, NOAA
Truth in Testimony

Mr. John Murphy, Chief, Programs and Plans Division, National Weather Service, NOAA
Truth in Testimony

Panel II:

Mr. Eric Webster, Vice President and Director, Weather Systems, ITT Exelis
Truth in Testimony - Attachment

Dr. David Crain, Chief Executive Officer, GeoMetWatch
Truth in Testimony

Mr. Bruce Lev, Vice Chairman, AirDat LLC
Truth in Testimony

Dr. Berrien Moore, Dean, University of Oklahoma College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, and Director, National Weather Center
Truth in Testimony

To Observe and Protect: How NOAA Procures Data for Weather Forecasting

Hearing Charter

E&E Subcommittee Chairman Andy Harris (R-MD)