Shall have jurisdiction over the following subject matters: all matters relating to astronautical and aeronautical research and development; national space policy, including access to space; sub-orbital access and applications; National Aeronautics and Space Administration and its contractor and government-operated labs; space commercialization, including commercial space activities relating to the Department of Transportation and the Department of Commerce; exploration and use of outer space; international space cooperation; the National Space Council; space applications, space communications and related matters; Earth remote sensing policy; civil aviation including unmanned aerial systems, research, development, and demonstration; research, development, and demonstration programs of the Federal Aviation Administration; space law; other appropriate matters as referred by the Chair; and relevant oversight.

Republican Members

Democratic Members

Ranking Member Eric Sorensen (D-IL)

Rep. Jeff Jackson (D-NC)

Rep. Yadira Caraveo (D-CO)

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY)


Recent Activity

April 2023

Date Title
4/27/23 Science Committee Members Introduce Two Bipartisan DOE Partnership Bills

March 2023

Date Title
3/9/23 Space & Aeronautics Subcommittee Hearing - The Federal Aviation Administration’s Flight Plan: Examining the Agency’s Research and Development Programs and Future Plans

November 2022

Date Title
11/16/22 Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee Hearing - Unfolding the Universe: Initial Science Results from the James Webb Space Telescope

September 2022

Date Title
9/21/22 Joint Space and Aeronautics and Environment Subcommittee Hearing - Looking Back to Predict the Future: The Next Generation of Weather Satellites

July 2022

Date Title
7/28/22 Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee Hearing - Exploring Cyber Space: Cybersecurity for Civil and Commercial Space Systems

May 2022

Date Title
5/26/22 Space & Aeronautics Subcommittee Hearing - A Review of the Decadal Strategy for Planetary Science and Astrobiology 2023-2032
5/12/22 RESCHEDULED: Space & Aeronautics Subcommittee Hearing - Space Situational Awareness: Guiding the Transition to a Civil Capability

March 2022

Date Title
3/1/22 Space & Aeronautics Subcommittee Hearing - Keeping Our Sights on Mars Part 3: A Status Update and Review of NASA’s Artemis Initiative

December 2021

Date Title
12/1/21 Joint Space & Aeronautics and Research & Technology Subcommittees Hearing: A Review of the Decadal Survey for Astronomy and Astrophysics in the 2020s

September 2021

Date Title
9/21/21 Space & Aeronautics Subcommittee Hearing - NASA's Future in Low Earth Orbit: Considerations for ISS Extension & Transition