(Washington, DC) – Today, House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Ranking Member Frank Lucas (R-OK) sent a letter to Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX) expressing concerns about the Committee’s lack of input into the budget reconciliation process. 

“The Committee was directed to submit proposals by February 16 to add $750 million to the deficit,” Lucas said. “The Science Committee majority does not plan to mark up any legislation, which means we are ceding our authority to the House Rules Committee. A rushed, partisan budget reconciliation process isn’t the way to provide relief to struggling families and businesses. But given that this procedure is being forced on us by House Democrats, Members of the Science Committee have the right and responsibility to weigh in on the budget issues and COVID-19 response needs within our jurisdiction. It’s troubling that we’re abdicating our responsibilities entirely. I remain committed to helping Americans overcome COVID-19, and I’m especially dedicated to getting our research enterprise back on track. But I believe the best path forward is passing legislation through regular order so lawmakers can provide their input and expertise, making for better policy.”