(Washington, DC) On July 7, 2021, House Committee on Science, Space and Technology Ranking Member Frank Lucas and Subcommittee on Environment Ranking Member Stephanie Bice published an op-ed discussing threats to American leadership in science and technology and the opportunities that lie ahead for Americans in Oklahoma and across the Nation if we make comprehensive, sustainable investments in America’s research enterprise. They highlight the NSF for the Future Act and the DOE Science for the Future Act, two bills passed by the U.S. House of Representatives that double down on research and development to maintain American competitiveness in science and technology.

“For decades, America has seen sustained technological progress and enjoyed all the benefits that come with it. We are the world leader in science and technology because of decades of investment in research and development. But now that leadership is under threat, and our progress could stall. Meanwhile, in China, progress is accelerating. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) intends to surpass us as the frontrunner in scientific knowledge and technological development, and they’re committing extensive resources to crucial technologies like artificial intelligence, quantum information sciences, critical mineral development, and advanced manufacturing. Falling behind will threaten our national security, our global competitiveness, and jobs here at home. Our continued success requires us to invest in next-generation technologies and to protect our research from theft.”

Read the full op-ed, “Spurring science and innovation in Oklahoma, across the nation,” in The Oklahoman.