H.R. 1437, the PRECIP Act

February 26, 2021

Bill Status: Passed by House
Last Action: May 12, 2022


H.R. 1437, the PRECIP Act


This bill improves precipitation data in the U.S. by authorizing the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to enter an agreement with the National Academies to study the state of practice and research related to precipitation estimations, and provide recommendations on needed data and services. The bill also directs NOAA to update probable maximum precipitation estimates for the United States within 6 years of the National Academies report and not less than every 10 years after, as well as develop and publish a National Guidance Document for Federal and State agencies, meteorologists, and other users to use when performing probable maximum precipitation studies. This bill authorizes $47 million through FY 2027 for this purpose. 



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