Thank you, Madam Chair.  We have outstanding new and returning Republican Members and now that we have established the Committee rules we’re ready to get straight to work.

Our subcommittee leadership will be crucial to this effort. 

  • Randy Weber (TX) will serve as Ranking Member of the Energy Subcommittee.
  • Dr. Roger Marshall (KS) is heading up our Environment Subcommittee.
  • Jim Baird of Indiana, a freshman joining our Committee, will be our lead on Research and Technology.
  • Dr. Brian Babin (TX) will serve as Ranking Member on the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee.
  • And the Oversight Republicans will be led by Ralph Norman (SC).

Our returning members include:

  • Mo Brooks (AL)
  • Bill Posey (FL)
  • Andy Biggs (AZ)
  • Dr. Neal Dunn (FL)
  • Michael Cloud (TX)
  • And Troy Balderson (OH), who have all done tremendous work serving their constituents and enhancing our scientific sector.

I’m happy to welcome Pete Olson (TX) back now that he’s realized what he was missing when he left our Committee.

And I’d like to welcome Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio and Michael Waltz of Florida—our other freshman Members.

Anthony represents OH-16, in the northeast of the state. He has his BA in philosophy from Ohio State University and an MBA from Stanford University. You might know him better as a wide receiver for the Colts from 2007 to 2012.

Michael represents FL-6 on the eastern shore just north of Orlando. He has his BA in international studies from Virginia Military Institute. He served as a Green Beret with multiple combat tours in Afghanistan, the Middle East, and Africa.  And after his return he advised Vice President Dick Cheney on counterterrorism policy.

Our Jim Baird, PhD, our new Subcommittee Ranking Member on Research and Technology represents IN-4 on the western edge of the state. He has a BS and MS in animal science from Purdue University and a PhD in monogastric nutrition from University of Kentucky. He is also a decorated Vietnam Veteran. His distinguished service to our country was recognized with a Bronze Star and two Purple Hearts. 

We have medical professionals, PhDs, farmers, veterans and small business owners who will each bring their own unique expertise to the issues ahead.

The work we do here directly benefits our competitiveness, our economy, our knowledge base, and our technological growth.

I’m looking forward to getting started on these priorities and driving American scientific progress.