Ranking Member Frank Lucas released a statement today welcoming Representative Mike Carey to the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee. Carey is a newly elected Member from Ohio's 15th district. 

“I am delighted to welcome Congressman Mike Carey to the Science Committee, and believe that he has the experience, drive, and know-how to be a strong advocate for American leadership in science and technology, particularly an all-of-the-above energy innovation future," Lucas said. "Republicans on the Science Committee are working hard to comprehensively invest in American research and development to solve the nation’s most pressing challenges, maintain our global edge in basic and applied research, and protect Americans from rising energy costs, and I look forward to having Congressman Carey on board to build solutions these critically important issues.”

"Serving on the Science, Space, and Technology Committee will allow me to utilize my 25 years experience in the energy industry to work with the EPA, Department of Energy, and other agencies to invest in future technologies that put America first," Carey said.