WASHINGTON – House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) today issued a subpoena to FBI Director James Comey for documents and information related to the security of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email account and server. The committee requested these documents in a Sept. 9 letter. Director Comey has failed to produce any documents pursuant to the previous request.

As Chairman Smith stated in a recent hearing before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee, the Science Committee has jurisdiction to evaluate the “way in which Executive Branch departments and agencies and private entities can improve their cybersecurity.”

The committee is convinced that former Secretary Clinton’s unusual server and network arrangement necessitates amendments to the Federal Information Security Modernization Act of 2014 (FISMA). The Committee continues to have questions about the structure and security of the email system used by former Secretary Clinton and whether she and her staff employed cybersecurity standards required by FISMA. 

Documents responsive to today’s subpoena are requested by Sept. 26.