Today, Research & Technology Subcommittee Chairman Mike Collins (R-GA) and Rep. Yadira Caraveo (D-CO) led a bipartisan group of House Science, Space, and Technology Committee members to introduce H.R. 1734, the Testing, Rapid Analysis, and Narcotic Quality (TRANQ) Research Act, to combat the spread of novel synthetic opioids. Collins was joined by Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK), Ranking Member Zoe Lofgren (D-CA), and 15 other members.

The TRANQ Research Act directs the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to deepen its partnerships and strategically focus on the science needed to detect, identify, and better understand synthetic opioids. One particularly dangerous fentanyl analogue contains xylazine—a veterinary tranquilizer. Tranq, also known as the Zombie Drug, has gruesome side effects, causing large wounds that won’t heal, and is resistant to standard opioid overdose treatments. Its use is skyrocketing across the country and contributing to an ever-growing number of drug overdoses.

“I am proud to introduce the TRANQ Research Act today with Representative Yadira Caraveo, Science Committee Chairman Frank Lucas, and Ranking Member Zoe Lofgren,” Chairman Collins said. “This legislation will provide support to law enforcement across the country by advancing research on dangerous fentanyl additives that are putting public safety officers’ lives at risk – including those guarding our borders. With the rise of this deadly drug killing so many Americans, we must act. The vital research conducted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology will help us discover ways to protect our heroes in blue while they work to prevent fentanyl from taking more lives.”

“As a doctor, I've seen firsthand the horrific impact of the drug crisis on families in our community. Addictive, dangerous substances like opioids have wreaked havoc in Colorado – and we have to begin now to stop xylazine in its tracks,” said Congresswoman Caraveo. “I’m proud to introduce my first piece of legislation, a bipartisan effort to start gathering the information we need to head off the next major addictive substance. This important effort will help keep our families safe and let those who are hurting focus on healing from the opioid crisis.”

“Communities across the country are being devastated by drugs like fentanyl and xylazine,” Chairman Lucas said. “In Oklahoma, overdose deaths increased by more than 20% in 2022, and synthetic opioids like fentanyl and derivatives like tranq are playing a large role in that surge. This bill takes advantage of the incredible resources and expertise at NIST so we can better detect and identify these drugs and improve the tools available to keep first responders and law enforcement safe when dealing with them. I appreciate Chairman Collins and Congresswoman Caraveo for drafting this important bill and I believe the strong bipartisan support for this legislation means we have a good chance of passing this into law.”

“This bill couldn’t come at a more important time,” said Ranking Member Lofgren. “I’m proud to join my colleagues in introducing this bipartisan bill, and I thank Representatives Collins and Caraveo for their leadership in this effort. Xylazine and other narcotics are tearing through communities across the nation, and we must use our available federal infrastructure to address this growing threat. NIST's critical work serves local, state, and federal law enforcement. This bill will allow our first responders to utilize the Agency’s research capabilities and skilled workforce to get ahead of this crisis.”


The full list of original cosponsors follows:
Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA)

Rep. Yadira Caraveo (D-CO)

Rep. Frank Lucas (R-OK)

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)

Rep. Rick Crawford (R-AR)

Rep. Valerie Foushee (D-NC)

Rep. Jay Obernolte (R-CA)

Rep. Jennifer McClellan (D-VA)

Rep. Tom Kean (R-NJ)

Rep. Deborah Ross (D-NC)

Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA)

Rep. Kevin Mullin (D-CA)

Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY)

Rep. Eric Sorensen (D-IL)

Rep. Brandon Williams (R-NY)

Rep. David Trone (D-MD)

Rep. Randy Weber (R-TX)

Rep. Brian Babin (R-TX)

Rep. Dale Strong (R-AL)