Location: 2318 Rayburn House Office Building
Subcommittee: Subcommittee on Space and Aeronautics


Ms. Laura Montgomery

Attorney and Sole Proprietor, Ground Based Space Matters, LLC

[Truth in Testimony]

Dr. Eli Dourado

Senior Research Fellow and Director, Technology Policy Program, Mercatus Center, George Mason University

[Truth in Testimony]

Mr. Douglas L. Loverro

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Space Policy, U.S. Department of Defense

[Truth in Testimony]

Mr. Dennis J. Burnett

Adjunct Professor of Law, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, College of Law

[Truth in Testimony]

Dr. Henry B. Hogue

Specialist in American National Government, Congressional Research Service

[Truth in Testimony]


Regulating Space: Innovation, Liberty, and International Obligations

Hearing Charter