This hearing continues our Subcommittee’s focus on the new innovations and technologies that will drive the American economy into the future.

Chemistry is essential to our economy and plays a vital role in helping to solve the biggest challenges facing our nation and our world. 

From medicine to energy production, chemical manufacturing touches our lives every day. 

In the Hoosier state, chemical manufacturing is one of our largest industries, representing over $27 billion of our State’s economy every year. 

In my district alone the chemical industry employs over 2,300 people.

The United States is second only to Germany in the export of chemical goods.

But global competition is increasing, and we must innovate to meet the demands of the 21st Century. 

There is market demand for chemical products that use resources more efficiently and are safer for both humans and the environment. At the same time consumers want these products to be just as effective, or more effective than traditional chemical products.

Sustainable Chemistry, or Green Chemistry, is a relatively new field intended to meet this market demand.

As we will hear today, industry is investing considerable time and resources into research and development for sustainable chemistry.

I look forward to hearing from our witnesses about those innovations.

I also look forward to hearing what appropriate role the federal government can play, whether it is investing in basic research to address knowledge gaps or helping industry develop voluntary standards or metrics.

I again, thank Chairwoman Stevens for holding today’s hearing, and I yield back.