House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) released a statement today raising concerns with the Department of Commerce’s CHIPS for America Notice of Funding Opportunity.

The notice, while timely and helpful in some aspects, also has problematic elements including prioritizing union contracts, mandating that award recipients provide childcare for their employees and construction workers, and implementing a revenue-sharing provision that exceeds the authority granted by Congress.

“For well over a year, we’ve been discussing the significant economic and national security risks posed by the lack of a strong domestic chips manufacturing industry,” Lucas said. “The Administration was adamant that unless the United States took action to incentivize chip production here, companies would choose to locate elsewhere—in countries that were providing enticements to attract innovative businesses. That’s why it’s troubling that now that the Administration has the $52 billion in funds they requested, they’re focusing less on the urgent need for chip production and more on attempting to impose their labor agenda on this critical industry.”